Innovative packaging design and solutions


When your product stands out, you sell more. That’s why we emphasize innovation in everything from design and raw material development to our collaborative approach when creating packaging solutions.

Our 3 clear goals
  • We will be among the leading companies within packaging in the global paradigm shift where plastic phases out in favor of other alternatives
  • We will be climate neutral and contribute to a healthier world, as well as be a part of the world’s goals of less carbon emission
  • We shall be innovative and develop products for tomorrow’s world


  • We will change the use of plastic in favor of aluminum laminate for the sake of nature and human beings on Earth.
  • We will have good solutions for recycling the product
  • We will work to curb logistics costs by using aluminum laminate
  • We will have products that are energy efficient
  • We will develop FlexiGastro™ and Alu Vide™ to become industry standards
Espen Welin-Larsen

General Manager/CEO

Cell: +47 909 69 380


Lasse Jørgensen

Product and Logistics/COO

Cell: +47 930 26 456


Annita Engskov Jørgensen


Cell: +47 900 46 941


Carl Martin Faannessen

Sales Municipal

Training and competence advisor

Cell: +47 901 43 570